Year One

Fall Semester

Emmi and Salron ( An Introduction for Two )

Foundling twins, Emmi and Salron, try for the Chimera Academy scholarship after discovering their mysterious father taught there.

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Dorothea Deathshade ( An Introduction to the Rest of Your Life )

Dorothea... exists while her veteran adventuring party family decides what she needs for her time at Chimera Academy.

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Cael of House Eutis ( A Black Letter of Introduction )

One week before the start of the semester, Cael's father wants to speak with him...

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Fast Friends

Salron and Emmi meet Professor Reid-- who seems to be charge of the Scholarship students.

Dorothea meets Cael-- but why are all of the noble children excluding him...?

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Club Faire

Coming Fall(ish) 2024!