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Artist / Collaborator / Anxiety Gremlin Made Flesh

Were-Ah's Tumblr Were-Ah's Bluesky

Washed out illustrator and comic artist. The elusive Were-Ah was considered endangered until the start of the pandemic. Within the last few years has been lured back into the light to gnaw on Chimera Academy’s stonework.

Careful, this creature is known to nibble on the hand that feeds it.


Daily Random Writer (Kara)

Writer/Collaborator / Wrangler of People

Kara's Tumblr

The name Kara, a leftover from this writer's high school crimes, spends the adult portion of her life wrangling the schedules of other people for a living. Chimera Academy was a brain child born out of a visual novel Kara once read but the creator never finished. Now it's taken a life of its own.